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When I list a home, usually one of the first things I suggest for a client to do is have a professional Stager come assess the home. They will go room by room with you and explain how to set up your home to look more like a model home, and in turn, more marketable. Suzanne Walker with Before and After Home Staging and Home Redesignwas kind enough to answer some of the most common questions we hear from clients about staging.

1. What is staging, exactly?

Staging is the presentation of a home for sale by enabling it to look more like a model home so buyers can see the potential. It helps the home appeal emotionally to buyers. Sellers can use what they have and add a few inexpensive decorative accessories. It creates a feeling of living but could be anyone’s life.

2. Why should I stage my home before putting it on the market?

Most buyers do an internet search first and put together their “Must See” list. If the rooms and space in the home don’t show well, it will not make the cut and will limit showings. Also when buyers come for a showing, they can get turned off by the way a home is set up and not even consider putting in an offer.

3. Should I hire a professional stager? Why? 

Yes! Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Sell Faster at a higher price

2 Look better on the Internet, a buyer’s first place to look for a home

3. Be on a Buyer’s “Must See” List

4. Look better than competing properties

5. More foot traffic

6. Viewed by buyers as having more square footage

7. Shows buyers how they can live in the home and helps them to envision themselves there

8. Perceived as well-maintained

9. Can have positive impact during the appraisal process

10. Perceived as more “move-in ready”

4. Is staging really worth the investment?

Staging can cost under $200.00 in some cases. A price reduction while a house is on the market can cost a few thousand dollars. Staging has a good return on investment.

5. If there isn’t any furniture in the house, can a stager help?

Yes, there are a couple of options: 1) Hiring a Home Management Company to bring in furniture, and have their person live in the house. This can be valuable if the home is higher-end. 2) A seller can also use display boards for key rooms and stage warm vignettes in the kitchen and baths.

Have more staging questions? You can reach Suzanne Walker of Before & After Home Staging and Home Redesign by emailing her at or calling her at 407-690-0455.

BEFORE STAGING                                         AFTER STAGING

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